Understanding Threadless Jewellery

Understanding Threadless Jewellery

About Threadless Jewellery

Threadless jewellery is a type of body jewellery that has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike traditional jewellery that uses a threaded design, threadless jewellery uses a pressure-fit mechanism to hold the attachment in place. Threadless jewellery is composed of two pieces: a post and a decorative element - We refer to these as 'attachments'. The post is inserted into the piercing, while the attachment is inserted into the post and is held in place through a pressure-fit mechanism.

One of the biggest benefits of threadless jewellery is its ease of use. The pressure-fit mechanism makes it easy to change the attachment without having to remove the entire piece of jewelry from the piercing. This makes it possible to switch up the look of your jewellery without having to go through the process of removing and reinserting the post.

Threadless jewellery is designed to be versatile and customisable. At Tish Lyon, we have a huge range of threadless attachments available, so you can choose from a variety of designs to match your style or mood... Your curation options are endless! The interchangeable nature of threadless jewellery means that you can switch up your look quickly and easily, without having to buy a whole new piece of jewellery. Our threadless jewellery is made from both steel and of course solid gold. Opting for a steel pin with a solid gold decorative element is a great choice, as you will get the strength from the pin, but also the sparkling beauty from the visible attachment element. Due to the exceptional quality of our threadless pins, they can be worn and loved for extended periods without worrying about it breaking or causing irritation.

How To Use Threadless Jewellery

Step 1

Insert the pin of your threadless attachment no more than half way into the stem.

Step 2

Bend the pin slightly, creating a small kink. A greater bend will result in a tighter fit when inserted into the threadless stem.

Step 3

Once the pin has a slight bend, push the attachment fully in to the stem. Slight pressure may need to be applied to get it to close. The attachment pin straightens inside the stem, creating tension to hold the pieces together.

Step 4

And Voilà! You have yourself a perfect pieces of threadless jewellery. In order to remove the attachment from the stem, simply pull the pieces apart. A slight twisting motion might be necessary if tight.


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